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100 YEAR OLDThe Adventures of the Oldest Living Artist
by Meta Cheryl White

The fascinating, adventurous life story of Carroll Thomas. Born in 1910, he is an accomplished painter who first learned to paint watercolors at age nine and refined his artistic skills at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and later under the tutelage of many accomplished painters. His father went from poor to wealthy, twice. His grandparents were friends with Kit Carson. He should have been dead many times over from the numerous mishaps in his life, including lots of concussions, a close call with an elk, an accident in a Model T, and a plane crash. A traveller, an outdoorsman, a storyteller and an inspiration to others, Carroll Thomas has owned many galleries and studios. At age 96 he commissioned the Carroll Thomas Gallery in Big Pine, California.His gallery offered hundreds of paintings at an affordable price. He is now 100 years old.

The Adventures of the Oldest Living Artist will be out later this year